Converting mail archives

1999-10-08 16:02:37
PLEASE CC: in response. Thank you.

  I know this is very typical problem, I have it solved with some extra
work. The solution I've put on web on

  I've faced some problems related to MHonArc, namely: MHonArc 2.4.3 and
2.4.4 read mailarchive as one message although all e-mail messages
contained start with From_ lines. I went around this with formail -s, but
then result couldn't be piped into MHonArc. Are these bugs or no?

  Documemntation mentions something like:

mhonarc -add -- -

 ashould read messages from STDIN and add them to archive. No, it
complains. Omitting the "-- - " stuff helped. Also "mhonarc -add -" did
not work, but lets say it was expected.

 Could someone please highlight my mistakes and point some solutions?
The mailarchives with which you can play are at

Martin Mokrejs - PGP 5.0i key at: finger://
<mmokrejs(_at_)natur(_dot_)cuni(_dot_)cz> Faculty of Science, The Charles 

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