Re: colorizing quoted text in messages

1999-10-25 17:30:35
At 08:33 PM 10/25/99 +0200, Eric Marsden wrote:

Various mailing list archiving packages I have seen are able to
colorize the quoted component of messages in HTML archives (,
for example). Has anyone written a filter which does this?

a) what I want, and I want it in the list mail already before it gets to
the archive, is cites to the origins of the quotes.

b) has the database to verify the quote against the quoted post; I
doubt they are doing that.  But this is a guessing game where it is
probably easy to write a wrong heuristic.  In other words I am not sure
they give out the recipe.

c) for colorizing do use stylesheets and not <font>.  See <>
for why.
I believe that color is one of the things you _can_ do and have it turn out
the same in the big two.


Eric Marsden
It's elephants all the way down

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