Re: Line beginning with "From"

1999-11-06 15:07:35
Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote:

When converting an email with a line in the body that begins with the
word "From", my installation of MHonArc ... interprets the word
"From" as the beginning of a new email, and consequently converts the
email into two messages.

Nathaniel Irons wrote:

Lines starting with "From" are the message delimiters, and should act
as you describe.  Check out the MSGSEP resource, and you'll see it's
doing exactly what it should be.

Thanks, I see that now.

Nat again:

Reliable mail software automatically inserts a quote character into
lines which just happen to start with "From", as your example

Well, the mail software that my webhosting provider use doesn't do that.
It creates From-lines like:

        From mailbox(_at_)gunnar(_dot_)cc Sat Nov  6 11:31:10 1999

So, in order to reduce the risk for further bogus splitting, I set the
MSGSEP resource to:


Thanks again!


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