Re: Configuring tabular information

1999-11-09 23:24:16
On November 8, 1999 at 10:26, "Neil O'Brien" wrote:

Our internet site is tabular to create a consistent look and feel. The table
has a width of 582, the main data display is in a column with width of 540.
The table cannot be changed (tried that) because the other 4 columns use
graphics with a fixed size.

The problem is that the converted messages have a width greater than 540 and
end up hanging over the last column. This is a dark blue and the effect is
that a white block encroaches onto this in the middle of the page.

How can I restrict the content into the 540 width? I tried using a DIV and
setting it's width to 540 with a STYLE tag but that didn't work. I tried
putting the data in a single column table but that doesn't work either.

Even if you set the width of a table, if there is an element that
is wider than that (like images for example), the table will be expanded.
Browsers do not clip.

Is there any way I can constrain the width of the message pages to only 540
pixels/characters whatever? I don't see a resource for doing that, any
suggestions how I might do this?

Try options to the text/plain filter like maxwidth and/or nonfixed to
reduce message width.  See MIMEFILTERS and MIMEARGS for more information.


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