Re: problem of attachment not being created

2000-01-13 22:40:36
On January 13, 2000 at 10:45, "Dinesh Shetty" wrote:

i am using mhonarc and have come across this problem.

mhonarc -single -outdir temp_images $file
The above command works perfectly when i run it from command prompt but when 
i try doing it throught the Perl-ASP( version 1.3.9) program on linux 6.0  
in my web page it converts email file into a html file but doesnot create 
the attachments file in temp_images directory.
can anybody help me ?

Could be a permissions problem.  A web server normally runs as
an unpriviledged user.  Have you verifyied that the temp_images location
is writable by the uid of the server?  Also, make sure temp_images
is a full pathname.


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