Re: Reprocessing old archives

2000-02-02 12:52:22
Nathaniel Irons <irons(_at_)espresso(_dot_)hampshire(_dot_)edu> wrote:

On 2/1/2000 at 2:15 PM, 
ds-list-mhonarc(_at_)sws5(_dot_)ctd(_dot_)ornl(_dot_)gov (Dave Sill)

I've just discovered "-spammode", and I'd like to retoactively apply
it to my old archives--going back to those archived with MHonArc

I started using mhonarc at about 2.3, so I don't have any idea what'll
happen if you sic it on an archive that old, but I'd give a command-line
invocation with -editidx a try.

Unfortunately, -editidx only recreates the indices, it doesn't rewrite 
the message files.


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