Entire thread on a single page - suggestion for a future release

2000-02-03 05:46:13
Hello everybody ...

Here is a suggestion to the author of Mhonarch.
It's a feature that would make the program
perfect for me, and I am sure many others would
appreciate it.

I would like to have the option of writing an
entire thread to a single page, messages
appearing in date order with essential header
information such as Message-Id and In-Reply-To
preserved. The index would be ordered either by
the date of the first message or the date of the
most recent message.

I guess it would involve a lot of extra work, so
I will explain why it would be useful.

One of my web sites has a Mhonarch archive of
niche-interest mailing list. It provides the
most interesting and most visited content on the
site. So I have been trying to improve it by
combining Mhonarch with procmail and cgiemail to
give the archive some of the functionality of a
web forum.

I have been fine-tuning and tweaking for a
couple of months, and I have nearly got it
right. It's still being tested, but you can see
what I am trying to do at

Of course, it is not an efficient use of server
resources - but the most significant feedback I
have had from testers is that they would like to
have each thread on one page, or at least have
the option of looking at it that way.

To set up a parallel conventional web forum
would be the easiest user interface solution,
but it would dilute the value of the existing
mailing list. Our users are happy with what we
have got now, and would prefer to have just one
channel for communication.

What are our chances?

~~~ r ~~~

list01 [AT]

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