Re: converting old archives to date-based directories

2000-02-03 22:26:56
On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Peter Green wrote:

Hi all! I've searched the ml archive to no avail on this...

I want to convert an existing MHonArc archive from a single directory to
multiple subdirectories based on month. I understand how to set up the cron
job to do this for new messages, but I have about three years of archives
(both MHonArc HTML pages, as well as the original messages) I'd like to do
this to as well.

Is there a good/fast/easy way of doing this?

 Good (Platform Independent) 

        1. Get your favourite email client to sort all your messages by

        2. Select messages based on a date range and save all the selected
           messages to a new folder. 

        3. Repeat step 2.

        4. Run MHonArc

Good (works only on UNIX )

        1. Get procmail <> so as to get
           the 'formail' utility.

        2. Use 'formail' to sort the messages into folders based on date
           of the headers etc...

        3. Run MHonArc

Peter Green
Gospel Communications Network, SysAdmin

Others may have better suggestions.



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