Eudora 4.3 and new format=flowed for text/plain

2000-02-25 09:36:09
I have installed the new Eudora 4.3 and have come upon a minor issue with how MhonArc formats the messages. Eudora has implemented a new message formatting standard called "flowed" which overall seems to be a useful advance in message formatting (as opposed to HTML formatting). Details about this can be found at:


Message text is nested in flowed tags like this:

        header info
        Content-Type:  text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; format=flowed

                message text

Examples of the resulting MhonArc output can be seen in messages at:


So, my enhancement request to Earl is for a patch to the mhtxtplain filter that will strip out the <x-flowed> and </x-flowed> tags, similar to what was just implemented in the mhtxthtml filter for 2.4.5 for some HTML tags.

Future exploitation of this format might be helpful to users who have issues with the use of the <PRE></PRE> tags by MhonArc.

Ed Venzke

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