Re: Disable msgsep?

2000-04-04 20:13:07
Hi Graham,

As far as I know, Mhonarc is capable of archiving messages that are in
separate files, just by pointing it to the folder where the messages
reside. You may, however need an "mhpattern" regex in the command line
to tell it to ignore "special" files such as "." and ".." on DOS and
Windows systems.

Sorry for the vague info, this is properly documented in the reference
docs and FAQs.

Graham Kenville wrote:

Hello All:

Please forgive me if this an obvious question.

I'm processing messages which are already split
up into separate files (each message is its own file).
As such, I don't need (or want) Mhonarc to look for
multiple messages in a single file.

Is there a way to disable the message separation
feature, or is there a msgsep regex I could use that
would only look for the EOF?

Thanks in advance,

PS: Mhonarc is way cool!

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Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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