Suppressing Part of a Message

2000-05-02 14:09:06
        I may need to have a passage of an archived message suppressed.
Thus I need to know whether it can be done. It is not necessary to destroy
the passage.

        Enclosing the passage in the html codes "<!--" and "-->" won't
work. mhonarc merely converts the codes to "&lt;!--" and "--&gt;". 

        Is there a pair of codes that will suppress a given passage such
that the codes can be inserted in the text file archive before it is
mhonarc'd? Perhaps there is coding that will allow "<" and ">" to be read
as they are.

        I realize that if the codes are included in a the original
distribution of a message, those who read it with an ascii mail reader
will see the passage plus the codes, whereas those who read it first in a
monarc'd archive will not see the passage. For my purpose, the ascii view
doesn't matter.

                          KENNETH BLACKWELL

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