RE: Execute mhonarc every time I receive a message

2000-05-11 10:28:54

just add a .forward file in your homedir and than you can 
put there programms which are executed if a mail comes in.

|mhonarc ..... 

should call mhonarc with the mail being handed over as STDIN. 

If you want to do more than just add, for example also save it to the normal
mailbox or forward it to some second address. You should install procmail 
which give you the possibility to configurte all the above ( and the delivery
to the mhonarc prg in it's rc file. ) You would than have to insert something
|procmail .... 

into your .forward file. (read the procmail manpage and install file for more)

If you only have access to you mailbox with IMAP or POP3 you can use the 
programm fetchmail which you can start as a cron-job.(man crontab)

ciao markus

PS: for the bnext time i suggest you put some more info in your qestion mail

        Running on Solaris and using normal unix mail delivery but POP3 would
        be aviable if the problem is only solveable with POP3. 

ciao markus 

On 11-May-00 Jon Osa wrote:

   I want MhonArc add messages every time I receive a message.
   How do I do it?



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