nothing happens with majordomo

2000-05-18 20:30:37
Hi people, i've got a newbie question.
Any help will be apreciated.

I've installed mhonarc sucessfully.

majordomo is mdom.daemon

html: "|/mdomo/wrapper resend -l html html-outgoing"
html-outgoing: :include:/mdomo/listas/html, html-mhonarc
owner-html: dan(_at_)trendnet(_dot_)com(_dot_)br
html-owner: dan(_at_)trendnet(_dot_)com(_dot_)br
html-approval: dan(_at_)trendnet(_dot_)com(_dot_)br
html-request: "|/mdomo/wrapper majordomo -l html"
html-mhonarc: "|/mdomo/wrapper mhonarc -add -quiet -outdir /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/html
-rcfile /etc/mhonarc/subject.mrc -stderr /var/log/mhonarc"

at /mdomo i put a symbolic link from /usr/bin/mhonarc --> /mdomo/mhonarc
Permissions: 755

at /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/html/
Owner: mdom
Group: daemon

Owner: mdom
Group: daemon
subject.mrc is readable by mdom.daemon

/var/log/mhonarc is writeable by mdom.daemon

Is anything wrong?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry for english errors, it's not my first language.

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