Re: mhonarc comment

2000-06-05 12:21:07
On June 1, 2000 at 18:22, Riccardo Cozzani wrote:

mhonarc by default insert in any html page created some usefull comment
like <!--X-ML-Title-H1-End--> and so on. As I'm trying to create a index
page with only few information per message, like this:


so I can include this file into another html page, but the comments aren't
welcome in this scenario. Is there a way to tell mhonarc to not insert 
comments in the generated html pages?

Currently, No.  For index pages, the comments are not really needed,
with the exception of the main index page inorder to support the old
file include feature: HEADER and FOOTER resources.  These resources
have been deprecated for a long time, so I could removed them in
a future release.

I do not even think that thread index pages contain comments.

As for message pages, they are essential in supporting message
updates.  The only real critical comments are the ones delimiting
the converted message header and body.


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