Re: Work with individual msgs from M/32

2000-07-31 20:27:49
On July 31, 2000 at 21:24, Gerry Hickman wrote:

Right, I was using MHPATTERN. Anyway I got it working today, but it
seems the problem was to do with trying to invoke MHonArc and process
messages in the same working folder. Yesterday I had all the "test"
messages in a folder and tried to invoke MHonarc from that same folder
and also create the archive in the same folder, but this didn't seem to

Without knowing what files actual existing and what your MHPATTERN
is, it is hard for me tell what the mix up may be.

Also, I get a warning "Invalid year, using current" on every message. I
imagine this is due to two figure date stamps by Mercury/32? Is there
any way I can avoid this warning message?

Can you supply a sample message that generated the warning?  The
date formatting may be unusual and mhonarc may not be able to parse


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