Re: Question about spam mode

2000-08-11 00:51:26
On August 9, 2000 at 23:11, Denis McKeon wrote:

Now, I do not know if there is an RFC documenting In-Reply-To.
Pointers welcome.  I've relied on my experience with it since '88/89
when I first starting using email.


Duh (refering to myself).  Did not event think to look in 822.  I
should probably read through it entirely someday instead of just parts.

    "In-Reply-To"       ":"  *(phrase / msg-id)
    "References"        ":"  *(phrase / msg-id)

Note that the RFC 1036 format for a References field is approximately:

      "References"        ":"  1*(msg-id)

For References, MHonArc goes by 1036 and the usage of References
as used by newsgroups.


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