Re: Lotus Notes and MhonAarc

2000-08-17 17:11:26
On August 17, 2000 at 09:12, Greg_MacMillan(_at_)pch(_dot_)gc(_dot_)ca wrote:

Thanks for the offer.  I'm attaching one of the lists.  There is a choice for
interdocument separators.... this one is character code 12. (I don't know if 
different one would be better).

You can modify the MSGSEP resource to match whatever separator you

As for the test data you sent, it looks like a cross between LDIF and
regular mail.  I'm guessing Notes uses LDAP.  With a proper MSGSEP
setting, the mail gets processes, but dates cannot be parsed.  I

    mhonarc -msgsep '^\014' -datefield "delivereddate" mailtest.txt

Which gave me 75 converted messages.  The content of many of the
header fields look like LDAP DNs.

The date strings in the message look like:

    08/10/2000 10:00:19 AM

Non-standard date string format for mail messages.  Recognition
by mhonarc would require modifications to the date parsing code, or
to preprocess the data to fix the dates before passing the data
to mhonarc.


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