character conversation

2000-08-30 07:03:17
Here in Hungary we are using two charset: iso-8859-2 and win-1250.

1. The MHonArc has no problem with iso-8859-2 but I don't want
to convert the message body characters to legal HTML html code just
leave these as are.
( but of course i want to convert unreadable headers like this
CC: =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Andr=E9_?= Pirard 
<PIRARD(_at_)vm1(_dot_)ulg(_dot_)ac(_dot_)be> )
How can I do this. The documentation was not enough clear for me.

2. I want the same thing with win-1250 charset but MHonARc does not
recognize this one.


Bela Dringo

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