Re: Unable to convert all files in archive

2000-09-07 13:01:05
On September 6, 2000 at 23:28, Chip Atkinson wrote:

I'm having a bit of trouble archiving all 1041 files in a directory.  When
I attempt to do so with the command 
mhonarc *
I get only 1008 files.  These files' names are numbers, for example, 

You should be giving the directory as the input argument and not
all the individual message files.  The Quick Start section describes
how to invoke mhonarc on different types of input.  The way your
are invoking it has mhonarc treat each file as a mailbox and not
as individual message files.

Note, if there are messages that have the same message-id, then
you will get a smaller count in the archive from the raw data.


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