2000-10-25 13:52:44
On October 25, 2000 at 10:14, Erik Rossen wrote:

By the way, most mail archive sites I come across have given up on
marc-search and are using htdig instead.  We've found that marc-search is
a bit of a pig on resources and un-usable on under-powered machines (Sparc

I recently setup Namazu, <>, for use with MHonArc
archives I setup at work.  I have not done any load tests on it (since
load is currently not an issue for these archives), but Namazu appears
to be alot easier to build and install than htdig.

Nice thing about Namazu is that it recognizes MHonArc messages files,
so it can index them differently than regular HTML files.  It is also
supports Japanese and works under Unix, Win32, and OS/2.


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