MHonArc 2.4.7 Available

2000-10-29 00:12:53
MHonArc 2.4.7 is now available:

    o   Added the following options to m2h_text_plain::filter:

        attachcheck     Honor attachment disposition.  By default,
                        all text/plain data is displayed inline on
                        the message page.  If attachcheck is specified
                        and Content-Disposition specifies the data as
                        an attachment, the data is saved to a file
                        with a link to it from the message page.
        htmlcheck       Check if message is actually an HTML message
                        (to get around abhorrent MUAs).  The message
                        is treated as HTML if the first non-whitespace
                        data looks like the start of an HTML document.

    o   FROMFIELD resource default value is now:


        The change is the addition of "mail-reply-to."

    o   Added the following resource variables:

            $MSGTORDNUM$        Ordinal number of message in current

    o   Added the following resource variable message specificiers:

            TEND                Last message of current discussion
            TTOP                Top/root message of current discussion

    o   Changes to
        -   %Cid hash keys are now URLs.  Content-Ids are denoted
            as "cid:..."  Hash also contains Content-Location values
            of message parts.  This allows filters (like the HTML
            filter) to check for external URL references where
            the data for the reference is included with the message.
        -   More robust handling of malformed multipart messages.

    o   The null filter is applied to application/ms-tnef by default.

    o   Lowercase tag names are now used in default resource values
        that contain HTML markup.

    o   Bug fixes to the documentation.

Bug Fixes:

    Problem:    ADDRESSMODIFYCODE not stored in database.
    Solution:   Fixed in (a dumb typo)

    Problem:    TPARENT message specifier for applicable resource
                variables will cause a resource variable to expand
                to the empty string if there is no parent message
                to the current message.
    Solution:   If there is no parent message, TPARENT resolves to
                to the current message.

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