Files converted - usename &&

2000-10-31 09:06:09

I was traying to convert messages to html from Eudora's mbx files but it did not work well as you know. Now I'm testing to convert messages as it arrives on the mail server.

It is working well but I have some questions about files converted using m2h_external filter.

As parameters to m2h_external filter I setup: usename  subdir useicon
and I want to ask you the follow

1 - Can the ICON url be setup also by the file name extension?? Some maillers do not setup correct content:types!

2 - The file is converted and saved as msg$MSGNUM$/(filename or name). A link to it is made in the message body. This link show the ICON and a text, generally the file name but, when Content-Description is setup in the message, the link show the Content-Description text! I do not want show it, I need to show the file name. Is it possible.

In the botton of the index pages there is an link to MHonArc, it is fine but I want to translate it. I need do rack the perl code to translate de text: Mail converted by MHonArc 2.4.7??

Thank you
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