Re: Blank pages when navigating from a message

2000-11-01 14:09:20
On October 31, 2000 at 11:25, "Elaine Fortin" wrote:

Has anyone come across this problem? We are testing Mhonarc 2.4.6 
running on UNIX, with Apache. The problem is that occasionally, when 
a UNIX client, using Navigator 2.47, browses a message, then 

Are you sure 2.47 is the correct version of Netscape?

navigated back using the browser's Back function, the result is a 
blank screen. Subsequent 'Back''s also display blank, even to pages 
from other sites. The 'Reload' and 'Forward' buttons also repeat the 
blank screen. The browser must be closed and reopened. This happens 
only on a UNIX client, not on an NT. I cannot reproduce it 
dependably. It is occasional and I have not determined under what 
circumstances it occurs.

Any suggestions?

Looks like a Netscape problem.  The default HTML markup generated
by MHonArc conforms to the HTML standards.  Now if you make modifcations
to the layout resources to include things like JavaScript or CSS, it
is possible that whatever is there is exposing a bug in Netscape.

Note, I use Netscape 4.72 under Linux, and it appears to be flakey.
I have gotton the "blank" page problem one time when reading Yahoo
mail.  Also, the browser has bombed out on me on occasion.


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