Re: indicating attachments on the index page

2000-11-14 22:08:23
On November 13, 2000 at 16:25, Ian Duplisse wrote:

Is it possible to indicate the existence of attachments on the index page nex
to any message that contains them?  I don't necessarily need links to them (a

This information is basically available since the list of external
files for each message are kept to handle message removal.
Technically, it may not indicate that there were attachments in the
original raw message since a mimefilter could potentially create derived
files independent of attachments.  An example can be MHTML messages
with embedded images.  The message will have image filenames in the
derived file list, but they are not technically attachments.

Another source for derived files for a message is via the DEFINEDERIVED
resource.  See the frame archive resource file example in the docs for
an example usage of DEFINEDERIVED.

On average, the derived list for a message can be used as an indicator
for attachments, but false positives may occur.

an item in the FAQ discusses), just whether there are any (and maybe how many

What can be made available is the number of derived files in a resource


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