Re: Doubt

2000-11-15 22:47:58
On November 15, 2000 at 12:39, "leo.ufv" wrote:

  >     I need to execute mhonarc inside a perl script. Can I do it? If
  > can do it, how?

  See the source for the file 'mhonarc' to see how you can call
  MHonArc within your Perl programs without the need to use
    I coudn't find it. Could you tell me how can I do it, or the 
especific file when I can 
find it, please?

From (t)csh:

        shell> more `which mhonarc`

From  sh/ksh/bash:

        shell> more `type mhonarc`

Or see:

    I need to modify the "<a href>" of the subject in the index page, 
because my 
messages are stored in one place and I print the "maillist.html" in the 
stdout (in the 
browser). So, when I "click" in the subject to see the message, the 
browser cannot 
locate the message. Can I modify it?

Create a resource file to change how the index is generated.  See
the Page Layout section of the docs for more information.


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