Re: Headers stripped out?

2001-01-09 00:32:32
On January 6, 2001 at 01:50, Gerry Hickman wrote:

If you mean scanning raw messages, that is what grep is for.  If
you have the message-id, you can just grep for it over the raw mail

As for mhonarc and headers, in the special comment declarations, the
only headers that are preserved are the ones needed for database

I'm not sure what grep is, but even so, that still means you have to

Grep comes from the Unix world.  Its a program that can search
for patterns in files based upon a regular expression.  Ports exist
for Win32, and if using Cygwin, you will have the GNU version of

keep all the raw messages which seems a little unfortunate. The few
lines of text the headers consume does not seem like a lot of overhead
(to me) for the benefits it gives.

For typical mail message, headers are good percentage of the message
data, if not the majority.  Received headers can add up if a message
is routed through several MTAs.

For MHonArc to "preserve" all headers would require a change how
message page edits are done since the only fixed data is the converted
message header and message body.  Currently, the headers shown in
the comment declarations are rewritten each time a page is edited.

One of the reasons I'd like to delete the raw messages is that I'm
having to use -single with -mhpattern, and it's causing a performance
hit. MHonArc has to parse lots of messages to determine which ones are

A typical thing to do is move processed data into an "archive" location
so MHonArc only processes new data.  It also seems you could do
some pre-processing to make things quicker.  Why is -single used?


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