Re: JIS subject lines get mangled

2001-03-28 05:58:28
From: "Richard M. Pavonarius" <rpavonar(_at_)cisco(_dot_)com>
Subject: JIS subject lines get mangled
...but the few messages with the subject line in JIS instead of MIME are 
garbled. What's the trick to fix it? For the life of me I can't think of a 
way to add 'nkf -m -e' to the command above.

How about the following settings?

plain;          iso_2022_jp::str2html;

<LINK REV="made" HREF="mailto:$FROMADDR$";>

For more details, see my web page:
  (in Japanese)
(I'm afraid no English version is available.)

When these settings does not work well, please send me (via
private mail) the troublesome mails if you don't mind.
I will try to find the cause.

Best regards,

Takashi P.KATOH

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