RSS and Mhonarc

2001-04-14 16:59:45

I am curious if there has been any attempts of intergrating Netscape's
Rich Site Summray (RSS) with Mhonarc.  For those who are not familiar with
RSS, it is an XML file that one downloads to include links to information
on other sites (eg, my news site offer a "news of the day" section
featuring news pieces from all over the world.  With an RSS file created
about my news section content, anyone from anywhere on the net can include
a dynamically generated list of my "news of the day" section in there web
site.  Thsi technology is use for a variety of news portals.)

I know of several email lists that work as news services, and are archived
using mhonarc that I would like to intergrate using RSS into my web
site.  Also, I would like to offer my email news lists' content to other
news portal web sites.  RSS incorporation into mhonarc could be a very
valuable addition to the already great package.

Any thoughts on this?



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