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2001-04-30 13:54:21
(Note, the cc line and the proper address for the mailing list.  The
 one you used is now just a forwarding alias.)

On April 30, 2001 at 10:30, "Gail Edmondson" wrote:

Recently, my server's web-based archives went down. After the new server was
up, the old messages are still there, but the indexes only have references
to the new information. How do I reindex or rebuild to include the old and
new information in the indexes.

If you have the original raw messages, you can recreate the archives
from scratch.  If you do not, you can use the mha-dbrecover program to
re-create the .mhonarc.db file from the HTML message files.  The
program is provided in MHonArc v2.3.0, and later.

I would do a test run first on a copy of the files to see how things
go.  From the list address you used, I would guess that you are using
an old version of MHonArc, so it is best to test things out first when
upgrading.  Make sure to read RELNOTES to see what to look out for
when upgrading from older versions.


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