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2001-05-03 17:45:50
On Wed, 25 Apr 2001 14:26:05 -0700 
Chris Olds <colds(_at_)peak(_dot_)org> wrote:

Does anyone have any insight into giving the mail archive pages a
little bit nicer headers and/or footers, I noticed that the
documentation discourages the use of the command HEADER?

See my list archives under:

(You'll need to dig down two levels depending on what list you
pick).  Examples:

You can find the relevant scripts and RCs that make that here:

Or if you want an older format that is not PHP4 dependant (and
doesn't offer web-based message replies), see:

ObDisclosure: There's a known bug which i still have to fix (trivial
except that I'd then have to regen the indexes for several hundred
thousand messages), of messages getting listed twice in the authors

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