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2001-05-22 10:35:39

I'm working with MHonArc and Mailman in order to have an a mail list
archives in our intranet. I do not know really well the Perl language and
it's been a while that I'm confronted to a problem.
I want to display with the browser, the list of all the projects or archives
I've created. I'm changing the script of the program ext-archiver located in
the Mailman folder.
This scritp has to display the list I create but just one time:
The list is as follow:

I do not want to show the mbox files, so I have to compare each name of the
list file with the string ".mbox" , but I do not know the correct
instruction. Maybe it is "index" ?
Have you got any idea or any knowledge about that?
Hoping reading from you, I thank you in advance.

Philippe LE GAL
Departamento Telecomunicaciones en
GTD, Ingeniería de Sistemas y Software Industrial, S.A.
C/ Rosa Sensat, 9-11, 5è
08005 Barcelona ESPAÑA
Tel.+(34) 932 257 700   Fax +(34) 932 255 122

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