ANNOUNCE: MHonArc v2.4.9 Available

2001-06-10 22:41:12
06/10/2001      (2.4.9)

    o   Added the following resources:

            MIMEEXCS            List of content-types to exclude
                                from processing.  Exclusion occurs
                                before data is passed to filters.

    o If decoding uuencoded data, the data will
        be excluded if application/octet-stream is listed the
        MIMEEXCS resource.

    o If a CID URL is not available, the CID URL
        is no longer preserved in the converted output.  The CID
        URL is stripped.

    o   Added the following to content-type table:

          application/ms-excel          => xls:MS-Excel spreadsheet
          application/ms-powerpoint     => ppt:MS-Powerpoint presentation
          application/ms-project        => mpp:MS-Project file

        The "vnd." official versions are already present, but
        some application use the above.

    o   TODO list added to distribution.

Bug List
Version:        2.4.8, and earlier
Problem:        Default CHARSETCONVERTERS values for latin[1-6] charsets
                causing require error.
Solution:       This was supposedly fixed in 2.4.8 in, but
                apparently was not.  The def-mime.mrc file in the
                example directory did have the correct mappings.
Version Fixed:  2.4.9
Version:        2.4.8
Problem:        MHonArc aborts with Perl syntax errors if
                filter is loaded.
Solution:       Dump typo errors that should have been caught before
                release.  Syntax errors fixed in
Version Fixed:  2.4.9

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