Information Overload!

2001-06-25 16:02:59
Have sucessfully installed MHonArc. Thank you Earl!

It seems this was the easy bit! I am now trying to configure the program so 
that the output gives something similar to that required. The problem is that 
I am finding the documentation very difficult to get into. Sorry.

The default setup works fine - I get two simple index pages - nothing fancy, 
that gevi a date and thread index. I now need to either adapt the thread 
index, or (preferably) to create a third index page, based around the thread 
index, but including additional information (the first 100 chars of the root-
thread), and generally twiddle with the formatting.

As I leard by disecting other peoples config files, is there a repository of 
the files used by other sites? Has anyone done a basic HOWTO guide? I 
am really looking for a bisic "where to start", how to name the relevant files 
and whare to put them, etc. For example, what is the relationship between 
the mhonarc.rc file and the *.mrc files, and how do they reference each 
other? The resource files @ are proving 
invaluable. But surely there must be other examples out there. Can we 
have a few more examples posted onto the home page please? (Or can 
anyone post me/point me to their resource files?

That aside, thank you. Looks good. I just have to make it do something!


        Phil White

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