Re: Message Page Address Display

2001-06-29 21:27:17
On June 29, 2001 at 00:19, pegmgr(_at_)peg(_dot_)com wrote:

Above is a link to one of our mailing lists message pages. Notice the

What resource controls the display of this address?

The SPAMMODE resource page of the docs lists the resources that
affect the display of addresses in message headers.

I'd like to change the address from so it displays something like
$FROMNAME$ <$FROMADDRNAME$(_dot_)(_at_)DoNtSpAmMe  @  NoSpAm.@ 

The ADDRESSMODIFYCODE is the resource for rewriting how addresses in
headers are displayed.  The code is any Perl expressions, so resource
variables are NOT applicable, but you can achieve something like the
above as follows:

s/([^(_at_)]+)@(.*)/$1(_dot_)(_at_)DoNtSpAmMe  @  NoSpAm.@ $2/;

Note, the code is untested.

Note, if you want also want the mailto URL to reflect what you have,
you will have to use the MAILTOURL resource.


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