Re: Subject with some lines of message

2001-07-16 15:26:19
On July 16, 2001 at 16:45, Rzecki Krzysztof wrote:

Is it possible to generate index (or thread) page by MHonArc
with list of messages wchich consists of:
- subject (yes)
- from (yes)
- e.g. 5 lines of message ? (?)

Body text preview is not available.

A possible way to implement such a feature is to modify mhonarc to
extract the first X bytes from the message body and make it the
annotation of the message.  Therefore, the $NOTE$ resource variable
can be used to show the first X bytes of the body.

Implementors note: A blind extraction of the message body cannot be done
since it can vary.  For example, the converted message body can have
alot of HTML tags that could screw up an index page unless you strip all
tag related markup from the data.


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