Announce: mhn2mbox - A MhonArc to "mbox" Converter

2001-07-17 11:46:01
MhonArc users; 

Announce mhn2mbox: A MHonArc to "mbox"  Converter

 mhn2mbox is a Perl script for converting html files generated by MHonArc
back into a pseudo mbox format. 


   Official version: 0.3

   Beta version: 0.35 


 A program for converting a file to BASE64. The script currently uses the
mmencode program which is available on Linux platforms. 

Installation and Configuration

Copy the script to your computer and change the line which reads 

 "use lib '......' ; Library where MhonArc libs"

so that it reflects where your installation of MHonArc stores its library

HINT: Look at the second line of the mhonarc command line script.


   Initial cut of the script. Derived from and

   Changed script to write to a named ouput file rather than to STDOUT

   Use "strict".

Known Bugs

 - Nested messages within a MHonArc file are left as flat messages in the
   converted mbox file.

 - Script uses up lots of memory when working on large numbers of messages
   or very large messages.

 - The new mbox file is seen as one large file by Pine.

Other Notes

 If you are working with messages which have 8 bit information in the body
of the messages, you will want to modify the script to detect this
and for those messages print out the following MIME header:

Content-Disposition: inline
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Content-Type: text/plain;charset=iso-8859-1

 ... rather than the default headers that the script prints. 


 Erik Rossen <rossen(_at_)freesurf(_dot_)ch> - Tested out the script and 
suggested a
                                    number of changes. 

 Earl Hood  <mhonarc(_at_)pobox(_dot_)com>        - Author of MHonArc



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