modify href to messages??

2001-08-15 11:29:25
I have a simple installation of mhonarc on my site to archive a mailing list, 
which I now want to make available through my PHPNUKE site.

I wrote a php file to include the thread file which lives in a subdirectory 
emailarchive, and that comes up fine, but mhonarc lists the link to the 
messages as being in the same directory.  The way phpnuke works however, it 
links it back to the root of the website (one directory up)  because the module 
is linked as an include to the main page.

Is there a way to have mhonarc create the links in it's files (maillist.html 
and threads.html) to a path (ie href=emailarchive/msg0000.html) ???

Doug Garaux

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