RFC: Filename extension for MHonArc resource files

2001-08-20 12:54:24
MHonArc Users,

For v2.5 release, I plan to change the filename for the default
resource file from "mhonarc.rc" to "mhonarc.mrc".  The reason for this
is that ".rc" is to general, and for those that do association to
MHonArc resource files (e.g. Vim syntax file modes), having a more
identifiable extension would be helpful.

Are their any major objections to this?  Is ".mrc" actually sufficient,
or should a different extension be used, like ".mha"?

NOTE: Excluding the default resource filename (technically, the default
value for DEFRCNAME), filename extensions do not matter to MHonArc when
parsing resource files.  Mainly, a "standard" extension would be of
benefit for application, or media-type, associations performed by other
software.  Therefore, if you do not use the default resource file
capabilities of MHonArc, the change in the filename will not affect


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