MHonArc v2.5.0b2 Available

2001-09-07 11:04:04
MHonArc Users,

MHonArc v2.5.0b2 is now available for download from
<> and
<>.  CPAN
availability should be soon.

This release fixes some bugs in v2.5.0b and adds some minor
functionality.  The following summarizes the changes from
v2.5.0b.  To get change summary from v2.4, see the CHANGES
file in the distribution.  Also, if upgrading from v2.4, or
earlier, MAKE SURE TO READ THE RELEASE NOTES before upgrading.
There should no issues for those that upgrade from v2.5.0b.

Bug Fixes:
    Version:    2.5.0b
    Problem:    If TREVERSE is active, the thread next button/link
                for the second message in a thread would link to
                the next thread instead of the third message in the
                thread, if present.
    Solution:   Fixed in compute_msg_pos() in
    Version Fixed:      v2.5.0b2
    Version:    2.5.0b
    Problem:    Resource variables dependent on current index page
                number and/or page size can expand to incorrect
                values for main index pages.  The current page number
                and page size would always evaluate to zero.
    Solution:   Fixed in  replace_li_var() still depends
                on some variables being defined by the calling context,
                so local() still has to be used instead of my() for
                some variables if replace_li_var() is to be called.
    Version Fixed:      v2.5.0b2
    Version:    2.5.0b
    Problem:    Use of -quiet does not suppress
                "This is MHonArc v..." start message.
    Solution:   Fixed.
    Version Fixed:      v2.5.0b2

    o   Long overdue update of ACKNOWLG file.

    o   New resources:

          TSLICELEVELS  -- Maximum depth for thread slices.

    o   New resource variables:

          $TLEVEL$      -- Numeric level of message in thread.

    o   Added recognition of windows-1250 and windows-1252 charsets
        into MHonArc::CharEnt and to default value of CHARSETCONVERTERS
        resource.  To apply to existing archives, use mha-dbedit
        with examples/def-mime.mrc resource file.

    o   SUBJECTREPLYRXP now used to determine if "Re: " is added
        when $SUBJECT$ is used within MAILTOURL.

    o   Code cleanup to eliminate perl -w warnings.  Cleanup not
        required for running MHonArc, but convenient for those that
        use MHonArc with perl's -w option.

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