Re: MHonArc and multi-byte characters in HTML

2001-09-28 14:34:42
On September 28, 2001 at 14:53, Koichi Nakatani wrote:

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I just upgraded to v2.5.0b2 and was surprised to find I'm still having the
same problem (see link above) years later!  Is the "dirty workaround" shown
below still the best way to solve it?

I think so.

But if you are interested in multi-language programming, converting local
character-encoding to UTF-8 would be the best way.  EUC-JP is a cheap
alternative to UTF-8, but it only supports English and Japanese.

Should the patch be part of the regular distribution?  My memory is
fuzzy, but wasn't the reason it was not done was because it was too
specific?  If so, could we make it into a configurable option?

BTW, in later releases, the Japanese processing code is in the library.


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