Re: problem making archives from mbox

2001-10-10 16:47:57
On October 10, 2001 at 13:55, Institute for Social Ecology wrote:

I'm having some difficulties making archinves from majordomo mbox files.
when i run:

%mhonarc -umask 022 -rcfile /path/to/ise.rc -outdir /path/to

mhonarc reports that it only added 1 message to the archive.  The file
being processed (majormboxfile.9908) has probably around 30 messages, and
the html mhonarch outputs is all 30 msgs as one.

My guess is that a majordomo mbox file uses a different message separator
from UUCP-style mbox files.

Note, if you are actually refering to a majordomo digest, then have a
look at
Otherwise, have a look at the MSGSEP resource in the MHonArc
documentation.  If you are not sure how MSGSEP should be set, provide a
sample of, or pointer to, the file you are trying process so we can
examine it.


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