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2001-10-12 14:23:59

Here is one of the few good posts to the mailman list on this matter:

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I've been working the last two days on integrating MHonArc with Mailman.
As I didn't find a proper FAQ or HOWTO entry about that, I searched the
list, found some related items, but not explicit or complete enough to
have me running the thing in 1,2,3. So I had to investigate myself and the
good thing is, it works fine now. As this question seems to come back
again and again in the list (also recently), I decided to post the results
of my investigation. Maybe it will help you saving some time, then mine
will definitely have been worth it.
I've got RedHat 6.2, Mailman 2.0.5, MHonArc-2.4.5-1, I'm using MHonArc
resource files (*.mrc) which I didn't write myself (I'm not a MHonArc
specialist so please don't ask) and my purpose was to replace standard
pipermail archives by mhonarc ones and this in an automated way. Here are
the steps you have to cover:

- put the following variables into $prefix/Mailman/ (remember
never modifying variables directly into

PUBLIC_ARCHIVE_URL  = '/mhonarchive'
PRIVATE_ARCHIVE_URL  = '/mhonarchive'
PUBLIC_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = '/usr/bin/mhonarc -add -outdir
/var/mhonarc/archives/%(listname)s >> /tmp/out_external_archiver'
PRIVATE_EXTERNAL_ARCHIVER = '/usr/bin/mhonarc -add -outdir
/var/mhonarc/archives/%(listname)s >> /tmp/out_external_archiver'

where '/mhonarchive' is actually the Alias (in httpd.conf) pointing to the
place where I've put my MHonArc archive and /var/mhonarc/archives/ is this
place. Note that the MHonArc command line is a very basic one, simply
adding new mail from a Mailman mailbox to the corresponding MHonArc
archive, you may decide to add whatever option you need, I only redirected
the output of the command to a temp file in order to trace it.

- ensure that the following variable is correctly set into


Indeed I cannot guarantee that other values will work, this was the
default one in my file and it archives successfully to Mailman mailbox. I
must add that built-in mailman html archiving doesn't work any more
although it should if I believe the documentation notes. But I don't care
as my goal is just to replace them by MHonArc archives.

- assuming you already have non empty Mailman mailboxes under
$prefix/archives/private/ (which was my case), initialize your MHonARc
archives with following command:

mhonarc -mbox $prefix/archives/private/yourmaillist.mbox/yourmaillist.mbox
-outdir /var/mhonarc/archives/yourmaillist -rcfile

This also assumes that you first created the directories where you want to
put your MHonArc archives and that you copied the MHonArc resource files
into it (main.mrc..). I issued the command with the mailman uid and also
had the archive directories owned by mailman uid as to avoid permission

That should do it (it did for me anyway). I noticed that the
e-mail/password authentication for private archives doesn't work, but as I
don't need it for the moment I didn't investigate further ;-)

I hope this helps.

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On Fri, 12 Oct 2001, Bryn Ryans wrote:

Can anyone give me information on how to configure Mailman to work with
MHonarc (or is it the other way around?). I have both MHonarc and Mailman
installed, but the information I have found on how to get the two to talk is
a little sketchy.

I would appreciate any help you can give me,

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