application/ms-tnef data in MHonArc

2001-10-17 13:10:47
MHonArc Users,

Later versions of MHonArc have a default configuration to
exclude application/ms-tnef data: A proprietary media-type used
in Microsoft Outlook that has no decent use outside of the MS
world.  This media-type is used if you specify to use MS rich
text format for composing mail (which has no relation to the
text/richtext and text/enriched types).  See the MIMEFILTERS
resource on the default settings for MHonArc and how to change them.

However, for those that may want to deal with it,  I found a no-cost
program called Fentun at <>.  It is not Open
Source, but binaries are free for download for Win32 and Linux.  The
program has the ability to read an application/ms-tnef file and decode
it.  Note, I find it strange that Outlook cannot directly load a
application/ms-tnef file from disk, so even if you have Outlook, you
need something else to read the data if it is not part of an email

I also found something called lstnef that is java source
code for decoding application/ms-tnef.  I could not find anything
in Perl.

The only reason I bother looking into this stuff is that the
internal archives at run at work have to deal with messages from
MS Outlook, and unfortunatly, some users specify MS RTF format
for composing mail.


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