Re: [loewis(_at_)informatik(_dot_)hu-berlin(_dot_)de: Bug#131512: Need UTF-8 archives]

2002-02-04 11:47:48
On February 1, 2002 at 13:28, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

I received a UTF-8 feature request/patch [1] for MHonARC from a a Debian
GNU/Linux user. Any comments? Is this something that MHonArc might
consider incorporating directly?


It looks like the MHonArc::UTF8 modules has an error:

    $msg = entify($msg) unless $;

Regardless, I like the contribution.  Since it relies on a non-standard
module, Unicode::MapUTF8, I can include the information within the
MHonArc distribution, and the MHonArc::UTF8 module, but users would
have to explicitly activate it.  I can add a note in the installation
docs about UTF8 usage providing the information contributed by Martin.

A good sign about the contribution is that no code modifications
were required (yet).  The contribution could be considered a partial
solution since MHonArc is not Unicode-aware when processing resource
files and resource variables.  If resource files are maintained in
the ASCII realm, using entity references for 8-bit, or greater sized,
characters, internal unicode-awareness is not required.


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