Additional img with every cronjob

2002-02-05 07:55:20
Hi Mhonarcists!

I have app. 150 messages in the archive and encounter that every cronjob
is creating several gif/jpg's .
These are inline images.
application/octet-stream;  m2h_external::filter;
text/plain;                m2h_text_plain::filter;
m2h_text_plain::filter; maxwidth=80; nourl
<!--===  m2h_text_html::filter; allownoncidurls; maxwidth=80;  nourl -->
1.I had tried m2h_text_html::filter to allow noncidurls be shown and commented
that filter out (as above) as a first step, but without a result.
2. What is wrong? My archive is increasing with every cronjob by some 100 KByte.
3. How may I allow external images?
4. Is there a mode to parse html messages and extract only the plain text?
Thanks, Wilhelm

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