Archive One Message Behind Using -add

2002-02-05 12:55:58
I'm attemting to keep an archive automatically up to date using
a .forward file.  When I use the -add option, the archive is always
one e-mail behind.  ie, If the mail box has 4 messages, only 3 will
display on MHonArc.  When message #5 comes in, MHonArc will display
4 messages.  If I remove the -add option, which has the effect of
rebuilding the entire archive, the archive is kept up to date.  This
works for now, but as archives get very large this would of course be
problematic.  Any Ideas?

The configuration is as follows:
Solaris 2.7.  MTA sendmail.  MDA procmail.  MHonArc 2.5.2

.forward file: \beta, "|./webnewmail"

Snippet of ./webnewmail:
@ARGV = ("-quiet",
         "Project Beta Date Index (by reverse date)",
         "Project Beta Thread Index (by reverse date)",

Note:  If I put "-add" at the top of @ARGV, the archive is always
one message behind.

TIA - Don

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