Converting message body in a rc file

2002-02-27 15:25:31

I am wondering if their is any simple way of generating a "chopped"
message body in a RC file.  To elaborate a bit, I am working on a RC file
that generates a RSS file along side the regular index pages.  I woudl ike
to populate the RSS file with a short description of the last 10 posts.
This description would need to be in a text format, and chopped to only
include the first 100 words in the post.

Is this possible? The only remote solution I came across while going
throught the Mhonarc docs woudl deal with hacked up MIME filters, but this
does nto seem to be realistic.  Ideally, I'd like to just plop in a
resource variable that is defined to include the message body, but it
appears that such a vairable does not exist.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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