Condensing multiple re, fw and fwds (was Removeing RE and Prefix)

2002-02-28 16:26:38
Jym Dyer <jym(_at_)econet(_dot_)org> said:

  Re: Fwd: Re[2]: Fwd: Re: [sftest] ME TOO!

without throwing "[sftest]" in there four more times.

While we're on the subject.. is there a single regexp that can reduce an 
an abitrary collection of Re's and Fwd's to a single Re: ?

I currently preprocess my incoming messages with a perl prog consisting 
a long series of regexps to deal with this.

I would be nice if I could craft a couple of stripsubjectcode expressions
that would deal with this.

It would give me an excuse to upgrade my MHonArc ;)


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