Rebuilding surrounding messages after deleting a message

2002-03-13 14:11:51
After deleting a message with mhonarc -rmm, I noticed that
the messages before and after it had not been updated.

For example, if you have three messages in an archive 
(msg00001.html, msg00002.html and msg00003.html) and
you delete the middle one with:

   mhonarc -rmm 2
Then messages msg00001.html and msg00003.html still think
msg00002.html exists.  I am able to rebuild maillist.html

   mhonarc -editidx -force -add 

   (with and without "-nomsgpgs")

But the messages before and after the deleted message still think
it exists.  Clicking on "Date Next" or "Date Previous" at the web
pages before/after the deleted web page results in a "Not Found"
as it tries to bring up the deleted web page.

I've looked in the docs and can't find an answer.  It's probably
right in front of me.  Thanks for any help you can give.

David Swanger
Office of Information Technology
Auburn University, AL

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