Re: image tags rewritten by MHonArc

2002-03-29 12:07:50
=v= The underlying issue is whether you want your archive to
pull content from just anywhere.  By default, the only content
it will accept is stuff that's sent with the message as an
attachment and identified with content-IDs in the message.

=v= You can change that default like this:

m2h_text_html::filter; allownoncidurls

I would only advise doing that, though, if you are confident of
the integrity of the HTML in the messages being sent.  Otherwise
you're opening the door to having your archives spreading and
perpetuating spam, feeding information back to spammers, and
having your archive readers sit there waiting while their
browser tries to download 300MB pornography ads from slow, flaky
webservers in Korea.

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